Score and Script

SSA research project in the form of a comics anthology. Twenty-five of the UK's finest cartoonists (and one fine Australian) produced single-page strips in response to templates derived from a More Info »
Price: £6.00

A Collection of Comics by John Miers

37615_MiersJ_pressFeaturing "Babel", "Circle Man in Rectilinear Town" and "Verisimilitude"
Price: £5.00

I Got Comics #1

Igot1Featuring "Sisyphus", "The Mechanical Elephant" and "Ink vs Paper"
Price: £5.00

I Got Comics #2

Igot2Featuring "The Garden of Forking Paths", "My Life in Elections" and "The Secret Origin of UK Uncut"
Price: £5.00

I Got Comics #3

PrintFeaturing "Robert Irwin and the Inevitably Signifying Discs"
Price: £5.00

Slab Comix

slab2_solopressFeaturing "Slab Rogers: Pilot of the Future", "A Brief History of Slab", "Slab Marlow in 'The Big Slab'" and "Bruce Slab: Enter the Slab"
Price: £3.00
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