A research project in the form of a comics anthology. Twenty-five of the UK’s finest cartoonists (and one fine Australian) produced single-page strips in response to templates derived from a page that I produced to kick the whole thing off. Featuring:

Sean Azzopardi, Elliot Baggott, Dan Berry, Andy Bleck, Richy K. Chandler, John Cei Douglas, Daniel Fennings, Andrew Godfrey, Daniel Merlin Goodbrey, Tim Hassan, James Hickman, Sally-Anne Hickman, Jaime Huxtable, Kripa Joshi, Mike Medaglia, Tanya Meditzky, Stuart Medley, Douglas Noble, Gary Northfield, David O’Connell, Paul Peart-Smith, Woodrow Phoenix, A.J. Poyiadgi, John Riordan, Karen Rubins, Steven Walsh

Price: £6.00
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