Frame:Works symposium, June 16 2017

A bunch more sketch-noting here, produced in response to the excellent Frame:Works symposium put together for the UAL Comics Studies network by PhD researchers Tobias J. Yu-Kiener, Guy Lawley and Mark Hibbett.

As ever, these drawings come with apologies to all speakers for misrepresenting their ideas and/or likenesses.

At the end of the day I gave a sort of one-man visual  plenary session by displaying the day’s scribbles and talking through them, which was a great pleasure. People even laughed at the corny jokes I’d included.

First up were Emma Hayley, founder of SelfMadeHero, and Lee Lightfoot, president of Black Ship Books.


FW 1

FW 2

FW 3

The next panel hosted talks by comics writer Al Ewing and comedian, writer, campaigner and cartoonist Josie Long.

FW 4

Al talked about how he was inspired by those Silver Age superhero comics covers that showed some ridiculous “what if” scenario, like Ace the Bat-Hound becoming mayor of Metropolis or whatever (the kind of thing Julie Schwarz was celebrated for). My “Superman’s Secret Shame” sketch was a riff on that – the shame being, of course, that he voted Conservative on June 8.

FW 5

FW 6

FW 7

Next up were Paul Aleixo, senior lecturer in psychology at Sheffield Hallam University, and Rachael House, an artist who makes events, objects, performances and comics (the “shrinking pool” bit at the top of the next image is a run-on from the previous page, it was something Al mentioned in the Q&A after he and Josie had spoken).

FW 8

FW 9

FW 10

FW 12

Finally, Richard Daniels, Senior Archivist of the University of the Arts London Archives and Special Collections Centre, spoke about the contents and management of the archive centre. He’d brought along a choice selection of comics goodies for everyone to look at, and the fact that I spent a fair bit of time examining those explains why there are fewer drawings for this talk. But at least I got down the very important point about everyone loving Tharg.

FW 11

And then it was me, and I basically did what I’ve just done in this post, but with talking instead of typing.

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