Score and Script (templates)
Score and Script (templates)
Score and Script (templates)
Score and Script (templates)
Score and Script (templates)

A research project in the form of a comics anthology! Confused? Paul Gravett interviewed me about the project to accompany its exhibition at the Centre for Recent Drawing in November 2012, and there’s a post about it in the research section of this site. Of course, to get the most out of the beautiful artwork the contributors produced (and read my attempts to analyse it), the best thing to do is buy the comic, which comes with a lovely double fold-out cover.

View more work by the contributors by visiting these links:

Sean Azzopardi
Elliot Baggott
Dan Berry
Andy Bleck
Richy K. Chandler
John Cei Douglas
Daniel Fennings
Andrew Godfrey
Daniel Merlin Goodbrey
Tim Hassan
James Hickman
Sally-Anne Hickman
Jaime Huxtable
Kripa Joshi
Mike Medaglia
Tanya Meditzky
Stuart Medley
Douglas Noble
Gary Northfield
David O’Connell
Paul Peart-Smith
Woodrow Phoenix
A.J. Poyiadgi
John Riordan
Karen Rubins
Steven Walsh

Score and Script (templates)

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