Frame:Works symposium, June 16 2017

A bunch more sketch-noting here, produced in response to the excellent Frame:Works symposium put together for the UAL Comics Studies network by PhD researchers Tobias J. Yu-Kiener, Guy Lawley and Mark Hibbett. As ever, these drawings come with apologies to all speakers for misrepresenting their ideas and/or likenesses. At the end of the day I gave a sort of one-man visual  plenary session by displaying the day’s scribbles and talking through them, which was a great pleasure. People even laughed at the corny jokes I’d included. First up were Emma Hayley, founder of... Read The Rest →

Markings Festival, 8-9 July 2016

This weekend I had the pleasure and privilege of helping to curate and produce the Markings Festival of Illustration and Performance at University of the Arts London and House of Illustration. One of the major components of the festival was the Markings symposium held on Friday 8th July. There was a wonderful, varied programme that included lectures focusing on theoretical and historical intersections of illustration and performance, artist’s talks, performed essays, and communal drawing. The whole thing was enlivened by the presence of three outstanding cartoonists who took on the... Read The Rest →

Graphic Brainstorm

In a few weeks’ time I’m teaching a two-week comics class at the Animation Workshop in Viborg, Denmark. The topics are visual recording and infographics, so I thought it’d be appropriate to get my thoughts down in a graphic facilitation kinda manner before writing the course plan. My only worry is that their work is already so good that I won’t be able to teach them anything! EDIT (05/11/15): Well, that was a terrific experience. Here’s a selection of the work they produced during my visit.

International Comics and Graphic Novels Conference 2015

At the wonderful Voyages conference in Paris last week, fellow-traveller Paul Fisher Davies and I had a sort of unofficial pact to take our notes from the various panels and talks in something approaching comics form. Mine are below, and come with apologies for bad portraits of speakers, misrepresented concepts, and terrible handwriting. Monday Keynote by Jacques de Loustal Panel 1C: Independents David Huxley, A Voyage Through a Collector’s Brain Dominick Grace, Failed Journeys in Ed the Happy Clown Panel 2C: Visual Practices Louisa Parker, The Artist as Sojourner: The... Read The Rest →

Image Schema

Two pages that might make it into one of the two comics projects I’ll be working on as I (slowly) head towards completion of my PhD. These are trying to find a way of representing the concepts of “image schema” and “body schema” that are very popular in cognitive science, and occasionally applied to comics studies, most recently in a terrific chapter by Karin Kukkonen in Daniel Stein and Jan-Noel Thon’s From Comic Strips to Graphic Novels: Contributions to the Theory and History of Graphic Narrative. Beate Hampe’s From Perception to Meaning:... Read The Rest →

Deleuze, Bacon and Groensteen

Here’s a page that I used to accompany last week’s presentation at the RNUAL (Research Network University of the Arts London) symposium at London College of Fashion. The basic idea was about the things that exist on the page, or canvas, before we start making marks. In “The Logic of Sensation“, Gilles Deleuze describes how when a “fine art” painter approaches the canvas, it’s full of “figurative givens” – that is, all of the cliched, pre-existing ideas about figuration that the painter has absorbed, from art history, photography, film, etc.... Read The Rest →

Score and Script

Here’s a pdf of a paper I gave about Score and Script at a symposium at CSM in March 2013. This was originally presented at Transitions in November 2012, but this version is more substantial – we had 30 minutes instead of the usual 20 at the CSM event, and I’d only received a few pages at the time of the Transitions paper. More pages came in after this paper was presented, so if you want to read my most recent attempts at analysing the results of this collaborative experiment,... Read The Rest →

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