So I Guess My Body Pretty Much Hates Me Now

Winner of “Best One-Shot” in the 2020 Broken Frontier awards. I have multiple sclerosis. It’s crap. Making comics about it helps, I guess? Previews: “We Hate You, Enormous Leering Skull”, “An Accident

First Printing SOLD OUT! Until I get some more, it’s available as a digital download for just a quid:

Score and Script

A research experiment in the form of a comics anthology. Sure, you can read it all here, but you only get to experience the glory of its double-gatefold cover in the printed version.

I Got Comics #1

Featuring “Sisyphus”, “The Mechanical Elephant”, and “Ink vs Paper

I Got Comics #2

Featuring “The Garden of Forking Paths”, and “My Life in Elections” and “The Secret Origin of UK Uncut”, both of which were originally produced for Lawrence and Wishart’s Radical Future series

I Got Comics #3

Featuring “Robert Irwin and the Inevitably Signifying Discs

A Collection of Comics by John Miers

Featuring “Babel”, “Circle Man in Rectilinear Town”, and “Verisimilitude

Slab Comix: Deluxe Edition

Featuring “Slab Rogers: Pilot of the Future”, “A Brief History of Slab”, “Slab Marlowe in ‘The Big Slab’” and “Bruce Slab: Enter the Slab


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John Miers is a cartoonist, illustrator, academic and teacher. He is lecturer in illustration at Kingston School of Art, a member of the Comics Research Hub at University of the Arts London, and co-organiser of Transitions.